A Mother’s Journey Keepsake Jewelry LLC

Preserving precious memories into a keepsake 🩶

  • Cremation Ashes (human & Animal)
  • Hair/fur
  • placenta/umbilical cord
  • Flowers
  • Fabric

And so much more.

Something about me.


How long will my order take?

Once the Breastmilk or ANY inclusion(s) is received by mail the turn around time is 7-9 weeks. 

Estimated TATs are subject to change at anytime.

How much milk do I send?

I will need 15ml of breast milk at room temperature (old, new, frozen) double bagged in breast milk bags with your full name and order number on both bags. 
* Any inclusions need to be double bagged. 

P.O box 343 Exeter Mo 65647

Bubble Envelope is best to ship you’r keepsake(s)/inclusion(s).

How much ashes do I send?

Very little is needed.
A teaspoon will work with almost all my jewelry settings I offer.
*Can work with less or more if needed.

Return policy

Each piece of jewelry is Uniquely handmade by your request therefore there will be no returns. All sales are final. Each jewelry/keepsake is handmade, that means no ring, necklace or keepsake is ever the same as the display or picture.
If something happens to your keepsake please contact me!

I give one year for you to send in the inclusions/keepsake(s) so I can make your keepsake jewelry if you don’t sent it in that time you will not receive the jewelry and NO refund. I have to do this so others can have the opportunity to order. I take a certain amount of orders.
By making a purchase you agree.

How long will my keepsake jewelry last?

Most of my jewelry is sterling silver.

Sterling Silver jewelry can last a long time, they are made to be durable. 

Sterling Silver jewelry may tarnish a little but it can be polished.

Please note that rose gold plating is a thin layer of rose gold over sterling silver.

I have people ask how long the plating will last, it varies from person to person depending on the amount of wearing on a daily basis.

I do offer real Gold. If you don’t see something you’re looking for on my website let me know and i will get something you do like! 


Please keep all pieces out of children's reach!